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Red Rock Oilfield Services

For more than 16 years, Red Rock Oilfield Services has been operating in Perth, Western Australia, servicing the needs and requirements of on and offshore oil and gas companies all over Australia and Internationally.

Proudly West Australian owned and managed, Red Rock Oilfield Services is dedicated to providing pipeline services to the oil and gas industry.

Red Rock Oilfield Services are specialists in weld testers flange tester pipe plugs and complementary services.

We can assist in all aspects of cleaning, testing, and commissioning pipelines and with our key people have over 25 years experience to ensure your requirements are met. We structure project teams for marginal projects so that engineers have the resources that they require when needed.

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Internal Weld Testers

Designed to pressure test plain butt welds and any other weld where a flange is not available or can be used as a Double Block and Bleed Isolation plug

Pigs and Pigging Services

We have a large supply of pigging equipment available, including pigs, launchers and receivers

Flange Weld Testers

Designed to pressure test various types of flange weld connections, including weld-neck, slip-on, and lap-joint, eliminating the need for a full system test.

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