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High Pressure Plugs


General Function and Application

RROS’s HP Pipe plugs are designed for hydraulic pressure testing of pipe where there is no flange available. They can also be used to prevent the outflow of product and to provide a safe barrier whilst performing an on site weld. The plugs can also be used for an emergency isolation so repairs can be carried out


The plugs are made from high strength carbon steel and incorporate a special polyurethane seal which has excellent sealing capabilities. All plugs are tested prior to despatch and come complete with full operating instructions.

Utilisation and Operation

The plug is offered into the pipe section which requires testing. The plug is then set either mechanically or hydraulically depending on size. During the setting sequence the vice rings radially expand out until they grip into the pipe wall this forces the seal to compress against the pipe wall creating the seal. Because of it wedge on wedge design the higher the test pressure the greater the gripping force. All plugs include a bypass port to allow the filling  and venting of the pipework.

Size, Pressure Ratings and Configurations

Plugs are available from 1″ to 16″ for rental both short term and long term upto 20000kPa depending upon size.

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