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Red Rock Oilfield Services offer a range of services including project management from inception to completion, equipment sourcing, provision of experienced personnel, flange and internal weld testers, pipe plugs, pumps, pigs, hoses, fittings and much more.

Our engineers, technicians and managers are knowledgeable in all of these sectors of the industry. Our team of experts know the applications, the problems that can occur, and the solutions that work. It is our goal and responsibility to look out for our clients best interests at all times.  We believe and are sure you will agree that a “Can do” attitude is an accurate description of our services.

Red Rock Oilfield Services believe that preparation in the yard is time gained on site. We function test all our equipment before we go to site and  our clients are invited to witness and comment.

We believe that offshore, its better to “Look at it, not for it” and this attention to detail is what gives us the edge.

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