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Pipe Wrapping

Red Rock Oilfield Services has teamed up with CarbonTech Composite, providing solutions for restoring partially damaged pipelines back to full operating pressures.

Revowrap provides re-enforcement of the piping in both the axial and hoop directions, and delivers uniform loading throughout the repair. Each repair is engineered using ASME PCC2 or ISO TS 24817 engineering codes for High risk non-metallic repairs. Carbontech engineers have the technology to perform FEA (Finite element analysis) on both the damaged piping systems and the Revowrap composite repair system.

The wrapping can be performed by our fully trained technicians at Red Rock Oilfield Services who will attend site to inspect the line and carry out the wrapping. The wraps can be used as an emergency temporary measure to see clients through to the next shut down and perform full maintenance works or they can be used as a permanent solution.

How it works:

  • 1. End user/Distributor will provide Carbontech with an engineering assessment of the problem to determine factors such as substrate material, wall loss, operating/design temperature, pressure ranges and environment exposure and conditions.
  • 2. Carbontech engineers analyse the input data and provides engineering, calculations and repair recommendations.
  • 3. All engineering calculations is signed off by a Carbontech Chartered eng. (Professional Engineer)
  • 4. The relevant Kits/materials are provided with serial numbers which correlates to the Design calculations and batch numbers of the relevant resins systems within the repair kit.
  • 5. Installation is performed by the Red Rock Oilfield Services trained installers
  • 6. Quality control form is provided back to Carbontech for guarantee purposes.
  • 7. Carbontech provides engineering support to both the distributor and end user. Site visits of Carbontech engineers and Red Rock Technicians are common to support our clients.


Please see CarbonTech’s website below for more information on products available and contact Red Rock Oilfield Services for more information.


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